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Clínica ServiDigest is a Medical- surgical Centre comprised of a skilled team having high professional qualification and scientific training.

It has facilities available equipped with the technologically most advanced medical and surgical instruments. During an over 40-year experience at the service of the patients health, they have offered a high quality, integral and personalised care.

Each patient is different and each pathology has to be treated in a personalized way depending on the problems and requirements present. Therefore, we devote all the time and support necessary to that aim.

They are really glad to have achieved that all the professional team (physicians, nurses, health and administrative staff) is excited and motivated with the main objective of Clinica ServiDigest: To have care of the patients health in order to achieve that they live with the best quality of life.

Their interest is not only medical and of care but they are also willing that their patients feel they receive a good emotional attention. In this sense, all their team shares and participates to the same objectives an offering the greatest human and professional quality to the patients.



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